Boiler FAQ

Do you have questions about installing a new boiler in your home?  Check out our boiler FAQ below to get your questions answered.

Auchinachie Services can perform a heat loss estimate which is based on the size and construction of your home. At that time we can review with you the best options in terms of size, technology and efficiency.

For maximum operational efficiency, We recommend you have your boiler serviced annually. The best time to schedule your maintenance is during the summer months, well before the rush our fall service calls. By having your boiler regularly serviced you’re getting the peace of mind in knowing your boiler is operating efficiently, saving you money, and staying under warranty should anything go wrong in the future.

There are a variety of models and sizes of boilers for your home to match your efficiency goals and match the square footage in your home. With Auchinachie Services, you’ll know you’re getting the best price on a professional installation that we stand behind.

Navien boilers operate at 90% or higher efficiency. This translates to 90 cents out of every dollar’s worth of oil or propane going into heating your home. Older models (10 years+) operate at 70% or less. You’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars each year on the cost of heating you home.

Provided the boiler is installed properly and maintained well, it should last you a long time. Most boilers generally get changed before they encounter failures due to the escalating prices of fuels and the continuing advances in technology in building more efficient boilers.


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