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Homeownership is fraught with little inconveniences, headaches and issues over the years. From plumbing issues to power outages to faulty electrical work to leaks and weather damage, almost everyone experiences some issues with their home over time. It’s not fun, and it’s not what you signed up for, but it’s reality; and nothing is more inconvenient than trouble with your boiler. Why? Many homeowners have no idea that their boiler is no longer working until it’s cold. By then, it’s too late to handle the issue without freezing, and no one in the family is happy. Boiler issues happen from time to time and unfortunatly usually happen at the most inconvenient times. While there’s not much you can do about that, you can put control in your hands by choosing a professional company to get your boiler back up and running for years of future use.

At Auchinachie Services, we know that finding out your boiler is no longer working properly is a huge issue. We also know that when this happens, you need it fixed yesterday. Since its job is to provide heat to your home when the temperature drops, it’s imperative your boiler works well at all times. For years, our service professionals have been providing the residents of Binghamton with the kind of professional and reliable boiler repair service you come to count on. Our techs know what they are doing, how to do it, and how to get your boiler back up and running before you even notice it’s not working.

At Auchinachie Services, we don’t want you to find yourself in a situation in which it’s cold and your home is without heat. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive maintenance services in the area, ensuring your boiler is in working order long before it’s time to use it for the first time each year. We don’t want our customers left out in the cold when the weather changes. We want to service your boiler now, before it’s time to use it in the first place. By allowing our techs to maintain your boiler, you will never find yourself without heat again. We like that you’re comfortable at home, and we like knowing we have a little something to do with that.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

The good news is that sometimes it is blatantly obvious that your boiler needs attention. Sometimes it begins acting up long before you need to use it and we can get our techs out in a timely fashion to prevent you from being cold. We like to make sure our customers know what to look for in their boiler that might indicate an issue with the way it’s running so that you have plenty of time to get our techs to your home for a repair before you need it to keep warm. Here are some of the most common – and most obvious – signs that your boiler needs work:

Evidence of Corrosion – This is bad news all the way around. Usually, the evidence of corrosion on your tank indicates that you are looking at much bigger problem as a whole. If you do notice any corrosion, however, now is a good time to call before it gets any worse. What this means is that your tank could require replacement if the corrosion has already spread too much into the tank. Sometimes we are able to catch it soon enough to prevent this from happening, and that’s why we recommend regular maintenance.

Signs of Water Damage – Water damage is never good. Your boiler has a release valve that helps to keep the pressure down, and sometimes you might see water leaking from this area when it is in use. However, this is the only place you should ever see water near your boiler. Water that is pooling beneath your boiler indicates water damage or leakage somewhere, and it can cause major problems if it is not handled right away.

Strange Rumbling Noises from the Boiler – Your boiler should not make strange sounds. In fact, it shouldn’t make any sound whatsoever. If you notice that your boiler sounds funny, call right away. Banging sounds, pinging sounds and any other sound could indicate that your boiler is having issues that need to be fixed right away, and we want to ensure you are able to get the help you need to locate the sound and isolate it for repair before your boiler becomes even more damaged. Most of the time, funny sounds mean your boiler is overheating, which is something that requires immediate attention.

Why It’s Imperative to Maintain Your Boiler

Many people assume that it’s not important to maintain your boiler, but it really is. Sure, you can call when there is a problem and have a tech come out and repair it, but do you really want to wait? Maintenance is important because it allows you to find problems ahead of time. This is beneficial in more than one way, too. For one, locating issues with the boiler through regular maintenance means that problems can be fixed long before they become much worse. This means you will likely save a lot of money on expensive repairs that only become more expensive the longer the boiler is broken.

Additionally, regular maintenance means that you find problems before you need the boiler. It’s inconvenient to have boiler issues in general, but it’s far better to realize repairs are needed in July when it’s hot and you don’t need to use it than it is to notice in November when it snows for the first time at night and your house is ice cold. Maintenance means you are more likely to benefit from repair rather than boiler replacement, too. When problems are caught early, they’re easier to fix. Replacing your entire boiler is an expensive endeavor, and not one you want to deal with any time.

When Should You Inspect Your Boiler?

Professionals at Auchinachie Services recommend you have your boiler inspected and maintained twice a year in the spring and fall. We recommend spring since you do not use the boiler very often. What this means is that we can tell if there are deposits building up in the boiler that require attention. We like to check in the fall, too, to see if atmospheric changes have caused any issues with the boiler since the last maintenance check was performed. Sometimes the only time to see if there are any issues is when the boiler is being used and when it has not been used in a while.

How Long Do Boilers Last?

This is an interesting question, and one we receive often. Older boilers are made quite differently than more modern ones, which means that they sometimes are quite good but no longer have the ability to be maintained as parts and pieces are no longer available or even made. Some boilers made of this old material can last up to a century, but will usually become impossible to service. Newer, more modern boilers are made differently. These typically have a much shorter lifespan, and have an average lifespan of around 15 years. The good news is that they are constructed in a way that allows for replacement of parts that tend to go bad the fastest, and they are easily replaceable. Sometimes they will last much longer thanks to the fact that they can be more easily repaired.

Most Common Boiler Problems

While anything can happen to your boiler at any time, the most common issues typically affect the feeding and depressurizing mechanisms. Fortunately, our specialists are well-versed in finding issues that affect your boiler so that they are easily fixed and handled. This makes it much easier for you to enjoy a longer lifespan with your current boiler. When blockages, leaks and other issues occur within your boiler, we are able to pinpoint them with ease, fix them and have you on your way to a comfortably heated house when the temperature drops to a point that it is no longer comfortable to sleep or function without heat.

Boiler Brands we Repair/Service

Our service techs are capable of handling boiler problems that occur in many different brands. Since each boiler manufacturer is prone to issues over time that cannot always be foreseen, we know that you need our service techs to know what they are doing and do it with ease. We handle boilers made by:

  •   Navien
  •   Baxi
  •   Dunkirk
  •   Weil McLain
  •   Burnham
  •   Buderus
  •   Peerless
  •   Lochinvar
  •   Crown
  •   Smith
  •   Columbia
  •   And More!

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