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No Ductwork in Your Binghamton Home? No Problem!

A ductless central air conditioning system installed by the professionals at Auchinachie gives you precision control of the temperature and humidity throughout your home.

A ductless air conditioner, also called a mini-split system, consists of two major components – a unit mounted on an inside wall and a unit mounted outside of the house.  Refrigerant lines run between the two unit’s one delivering electricity and the other taking away condensate, or water.  The system also has a thermostat connected to it and a variable speed blower.  More Binghamton residents are choosing to have mini split systems installed in their home due to the rapid advances in technology and features of ductless A/C systems.

If your house already has insulated duct work, a central air conditioning unit can be a simple install onto your existing furnace.  If you have baseboard heat or another type of heating system which lacks ductwork, then a mini split ductless system may be a great fit for your lifestyle and your home.  Unlike unsightly and noisy window units, a ductless mini split can keep your room at a constant, cool temperature without “blasting” you with air as it turns on and off.  Also, you don’t have to move a split system in and out of the window as seasons change nor do you have a security vulnerability like you have with a window unit.

LG Brand Multi-split A/C

Auchinachie carries LG brand mini split systems – a worldwide leader in ductless A/C technology.  LG incorporates extensive technological innovations which provide features and benefits that deliver a solution significantly superior to a traditional “mini-split” system.  LG brand ductless A/C systems delivers one of the highest efficiency ratings (up to 26.1 SEER) on the market with advanced features such as being able to monitor and regulate relative humidity.

Additional LG Ductless A/C Features

  •   Perfect for addition or seasonal cooling and heating
  •   Econo and standby modes save energy
  •   Whisper quiet operation
  •   Indoor and outdoor “quiet” mode
  •   Wireless Remote
  •   Intelligent Eye occupancy sensor saves energy
  •   3D airflow covers larger rooms
  •   Operation to -4F in heating mode
  •   Filters allergens, odors, bacteria

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