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At Auchinachie, we only choose the best equipment for your home.  Auch SELECT™ is a premier line of heating and air conditioning equipment that provides homeowners with systems that maximize their energy savings.

Plus, where many brands of heating and air conditioning equipment are sold through any dealer, Auch SELECT™ strives to maintain its reputation for quality products and service by offering great furnaces backed by a solid warranty. This allows Auchinachie to offer homeowners many of the strongest product performance guarantees.

Auch SELECT™ furnaces are known to be valuable workhorses that will last you many years if properly installed by an authorized dealer.  Every furnace installation at Auchinachie starts with a thorough home inspection which is followed up with a custom designed system specific to your home.  Additionally, advancements in technology have reduced the cost of usage through energy efficiency, again, if the HVAC system is installed in a properly insulated and “air sealed” home. 

Flexible Model Selections to fit Your Lifestyle and Your Budget:

Auch Select Best Gas Furnace

Auch SELECT™ 97% AFUE iQ Drive™ Modulating High Efficiency Gas Furnace

  •   Exceptional Comfort: For complete furnace temperature customization, choose a Auch SELECT™ iQ Drive gas furnace. This unit can analyze your home's temperature every 60 seconds to provide the correct amount of firing power - between 100% and 50% with the gas valve and down to 15% with a time proportioning thermostat.
  •   Ultimate Sound Reduction: A quiet motor and insulated cabinet lead to ultimate sound reduction in this unit. Instead of turning on and off abruptly, this motor ramps up - lowering sound levels.
  •   Communicating, Programmable Thermostat: This thermostat provides complete control with a programmable comfort schedule as well as important insights into the operation of your unit with maintenance reminders and troubleshooting diagnostics.
  •   Includes iSEER™: Every iQ Drive furnace contains iSEER technology. This helps maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump.
  •   Pair with Ultra-Efficient Cooling Systems: This furnace can be paired with an iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump for ultimate efficiency and comfort.
  •   Go Green with Your HVAC: The features included in this furnace make it not only efficient, but provide exceptional home comfort. This unit qualifies for the ecoLogic™ green seal.
Auch Select Great Gas Furnace

Auch SELECT™ 96% AFUE, FG7TE, FG7TN Variable Speed Gas Furnace

  •   Maximum Home Comfort: This model features variable-speed operation that reduces sound levels and provides a better mix of air throughout your home. The unit ramps up to speed, enhancing home comfort.
  •   Like Two Furnaces in One: Two-stage operation maximizes energy-efficiency by providing the option of both low and high capacity operation.
  •   iSEER Technology for Maximum Efficiency: This furnace includes iSEER technology that helps maximize the cooling efficiency of most air conditioner and heat pumps, meeting ENERGY STAR requirements.
  •   Blower Compartment: This unit features a fully-insulated blower compartment for ultra-quiet operation. It reduces instances of cabinet air leaks in to less than 2%. This meets ENERGY STAR requirements.
  •   Blower Delay: This unit features a 30-second blower delay to assure a warm duct temperature at furnace start up. This avoids cold blasts of air and maximizes home comfort.
  •   Extend Igniter Life: This model contains SmartLite™ igniter technology that learns the start-up characteristics of the unit in order to adjust the firing percentage of the igniter. This can extend the life of the igniter.
Auch Select Better Gas Furnace

Auch SELECT™ 92.1% AFUE, FG7SC, FG7SL Gas Furnace

  •   Low Sound Levels: For ultra-quiet system operation, this unit includes an insulated blower compartment.
  •   Comfortable Start Up: In order to ensure a warm duct temperature at furnace start-up, this unit includes a 30-second blower delay.
  •   Performance is Reliable: For extended ignitor life, this unit uses SmartLite™ technology. This mode of operation learns the start-up characteristics of your particular unit and adjust ignition time accordingly.
  •   Leading Quality Assured: The Auch SELECT™ gas furnace that you have installed in your home is checked repeatedly for quality. This model is checked 234 times at the factory.
Auch Select Good Gas Furnace

Auch SELECT™ 80% AFUE, FG7SA, FG7SK Gas Furnace

  •   Extra-Quiet System: This furnace contains an insulated blower compartment for ultra-quiet system operation.
  •   No Blast of Cold Air: This unit's 30-second blower delay assures a warm duct temperature when your furnace kicks on.
  •   Reliable Performance: This unit's ignitor life is extended with the use of a SmartLite™ control board. This component learns the start-up characteristics of your unit to adjust ignition time accordingly.
  •   Leading Quality and Peace of Mind: This gas furnace undergoes 234 quality checks at the factory in order to ensure that best practices were used at every step of the manufacturing process.

The professionals at Auchinachie recommend you consider different options available today such as: heat pumps and ductless mini-splits as well as traditional forced hot air furnaces including central air to keep you cool during Binghamton’s humid summer months.   To make sure you minimize your energy costs and maintenance costs call Auchinachie for a free no obligation review of your replacement HVAC system.

You get all of the value of an Auch SELECT™ high-efficiency system at a great price!

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