Heat Pump FAQ

Do you have questions about installing a heat pump in your home?  Check out our heat pump FAQ below to get your questions answered.

That’s the beauty of the system that drives a heat pump. It’s constantly pumping heat. In the summer, a heat pump moves heat from the inside of your home to the outside. During the cold winter months, heat is moved from the air outside your home to the inside. This is accomplished by utilizing the refrigerant that is pumped by the compressor through both the indoor and outdoor air coils.

This may come as surprising but the outside are at 0 degrees F contains over 80% of the heat available in the same air at 100 degrees F. There are some complicated physics laws at work to make this heat exchange possible. The amazing technology inside of a heat pump can extract the available heat from the outside air and transport it into your home.

A heat pump operates most effective at temperatures in the low 30’s. When temperatures go below zero, a supplement heat source is recommended.

Some people believe this because you don’t get blasts of hot air like you do with a furnace. Rather, your home will stay at a constant temperature rather than waiting for the thermostat to sense a low temperature threshold and kick the blower on in your furnace. If you don’t like feeling hot and cold in the winter time, a heat pump is the right choice for you.

No. A pump is designed to operate all year long. It’s been proven that as heat pump technology continues to evolve, life expectancy has increased as well, even exceeding the life expectancy of a typical furnace with central air attached. Because a heat pump is designed so efficiently, you’ll actually save substantially on your bills even though it’s constantly running throughout the year.


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