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The professionals at Auchinachie Services have been taking care of Norwich, NY residents since 1906. Our specialties include a broad array of services, including plumbing, air conditioners and heaters. We can install, remove, service and maintain anything from your leaking faucets to the installation of energy-efficient ductless air conditioning systems. We can handle all your needs, whether they are big jobs or small jobs. There’s no difference between the two for the professionals at Auchinachie Services.

Since 1906, we’ve not only been serving the homes and businesses in Norwich, we’ve been servicing the community. The Auchinachie Services Community Support Team has been making sure to give back to the community for more than a century. This team is one you’ll see around Chenango County participating and sponsoring local events and charities, always giving back to our lovely community.

Heating Service and Installation

Norwich winters are beautiful, but they are cold. Before winter arrives and it’s time to turn on the heat for the first time in months, it’s imperative that you have your heating system serviced. This type of tune up can help to maintain your system to prevent major damage or problems with your heat that won’t otherwise be noticeable until it’s time to use your heat this winter. You can rely on our trusted professionals to help you keep warm this winter by calling now for your annual maintenance. If it’s time for you to replace your old heating system for one that’s far more energy-efficient and cost-effective, the sales team at Auchinachie Services is here to help. They are happy to find a new solution to your heating needs, keeping your family’s needs in mind.

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Air Conditioner Installation and Repair

While we pride ourselves on always providing our customers with a wonderful experience, those with a service agreement are always our priority. If you want to ensure your air conditioner is in perfect condition before the temperatures get too high, call us at Auchinachie Services today. Our comprehensive overview of your air conditioning system is designed to replace the small parts that require annual replacement – such as your filters – as well as determine any issues that need to be addressed before becoming larger, costlier problems. Don’t let the summer arrive only to find out you have to deal with expensive repair costs because your system wasn’t properly maintained throughout the years. Additionally, when it’s time to upgrade to something that will keep your utility costs down, our service professionals are happy to work with you and our sales team to find you exactly what it is you need.

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Plumbing Service and Installation

Plumbing needs are some of the most important needs any home or business owner has. At Auchinachie Services, we understand that your plumbing problems cannot wait. From replacing high-efficiency boilers to tankless water heaters to fixing a leak in a bathroom faucet, our trained and knowledgeable plumbers can do it all. For more than a century, the professional plumbers at Auchinachie Services have been helping the people of Norwich with their plumbing needs, no matter the time of day or night. Our service technicians are available for plumbing emergencies 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Whole House Filtration Installation and Repair

Living in Norwich means you will have to deal with hard water and the effects it has on your household. This hard water makes it impossible to drink your own water, which means you’re spending mass amounts of money on expensive bottled water for your family. Additionally, it means you have to keep your tank filled with salt to soften your hard water. This salt is also expensive, and it’s heavy to carry around and use. With a whole house filtration system, however, you can get rid of the water bottles and the bags of salt and welcome soft water so clean that you can drink right from the faucet. The Kinetico series water filtration system is designed to provide you with a spa-like experience at home, which is why we recommend having it installed as soon as possible. You’ll say goodbye to wasted expenses and hello to clean, tasty water. You’ll see the results immediately after the system is installed.

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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation and Repair

Many homes in Norwich are not equipped with duct work, which leaves homeowners wondering whether or not they can have a central air conditioning unit installed. If you don’t have existing duct work in your Norwich home, have no fear. At Auchinachie Services, we have the ability to easily install a mini split ductless air conditioning system in your home, helping to eliminate the need for unsightly, inefficient window units that only cool one room and use too much energy. We’ve partnered with the leading manufacturer of ductless air conditioning systems to bring our Norwich customers the most high-tech, efficient air conditioning solutions. A ductless system will save you energy and it will decrease your utility bills.

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Drain Clearing and Cleaning

When you notice it takes longer than usual for your sinks, tubs or showers to drain, you have a clog. This clog might not seem like much of a problem at first, but it can become a big problem very quickly. A clogged drain can stop everything from your ability to wash dishes to your ability to flush your toilet; a simple clogged drain can cause your entire house or business to stop functioning properly. At Auchinachie Services, we understand that our customer’s needs are important and we pride ourselves on being able to unclog any drain by removing any obstruction in a matter of just a few minutes. For only $129, our Norwich customers can rest assured that their drains will be unclogged quickly and efficiently.

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Duct Cleaning Services

If there is one thing you can provide your family to ensure they stay healthy, it’s clean air to breathe. Since it’s not always easy to find clean air outside, you don’t want to worry about it in your house. At Auchinachie Services, we understand your need for clean air. This is what we use special equipment and high-performance HEPA-filtration vacuums to thoroughly clean your duct work. This allows the air in your home to filter much more efficiently, cleaning your air and providing good health to your family. Our special equipment is designed to remove even the most microscopic particles from your duct work, enabling your family to breathe air that’s free of dangerous allergens such as pet dander, pollen, dust and other microscopic dangers. Let our professionals clean your air and maintain a health home for you and your family.

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