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Your home heating system is like your car. If you don't routinely tune it up, change the oil and various filters, it will eventually seize up and stop running. If you don't maintain your heating system on a regular basis, they will cost you in higher utilities through inefficiency and increased repair bills AND will ultimately stop running at an inconvenient time.

Why Maintain You Home Heating System?

Throughout the year your heating systems accumulates dust, pollen, and dirt, making your system less efficient and as a result will end up costing you more out of your pocket each month.  Did you know that 70% of the emergency calls we attend to could have been avoided if the homeowner had a routine maintenance plan in place?

It's been proven over and over again, routine furnace and boiler maintenance will increase the life of your unit, increase its efficiency, and save you money on your utility bills. In fact, you will spend 4-5 times as much money on utilities as you spent purchasing the original unit. And lastly, every manufacturer mandates maintenance must be performed or they have the right to void their warranty.

Call the experts at Auchinachie today and join our family of happy, worry-free customers. As one of hundreds of happy clients, a maintenance plan with Auchinachie entitles you to:

  •   Guaranteed priority service, no overtime charges, and 15-30% off all repairs, if needed.
  •   Two Precision Tune-Ups including 1" pleated filters
  •   Free Humidifier Service with Pad (Deluxe & Premium Memberships)
  •   100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantees.
  •   Discounted Diagnostic Fees
  •   Discounts on new equipment and indoor air quality systems
  •   And Much, Much, More!

Emergency Furnace Repair Services

We realize that bad things can happen even if you’ve taken every precaution to keep your home heating system services.  That’s why Auchinachie repair technicians are standing by 24/7 to help keep your home, and your family, safe and comfortable all year long.

With Auchinachie, It's Problem Solved.

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