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Brett 1.0

Caitlin Blackman
Caitlin Blackman 5.0

Friendly and professional.

George Sherba
George Sherba 5.0

Angela Oxford
Angela Oxford 5.0

Joshua Fischbeck
Joshua Fischbeck 5.0

Jon Conklin was the service/sales guy who came out to check out my air quality and install the system. Very professional, and friendly. Super knowledgeable as well. Auchinachie is EXPENSIVE as hell but I'd pay a premium if you get good service like he ...provides.Read More...

Taner Oktar
Taner Oktar 5.0

I got a new heat pump installed for my entire house. Mike Hartman was the technical expert and project manager. He listened to my needs and presented a few options. He was responsive and clear in his communication. When the project started, Carl Snapp ...and John Nestoryak started working on the installation. Both technicians were very meticulous and careful as well as friendly. They were respectful and very easy to work with. Once the project finished, they explained how things work and they had gone through what they did. They cleaned up and organized everything the way they used to be. Highly recommended.Read More...

Syd Davis
Syd Davis 5.0

Paul Mahoney came on time and did an excellent job of repairing our kitchen faucet. We requested him as our plumber because he has been so professional and friendly in the past.

Kevin Boyer
Kevin Boyer 5.0

He did a great job !!!!! Would have him back again

Joe Reynolds
Joe Reynolds 5.0

Julius Nagy
Julius Nagy 5.0

B. Renfrow
B. Renfrow 5.0

Had a clogged drain, unlike the competition, this company scheduled a next day appointment. Logan showed up as scheduled, quickly diagnosed the problem and had it resolved very promptly. Highly recommended.

Diana Burford
Diana Burford 5.0

Had central air installed at my house. Carl & John N. showed up promptly at 8 a.m. and went right to work. They were very professional and knowledgeable and did a great job! Thanks again guys!

Jonathan Berchtold
Jonathan Berchtold 5.0

Tim was the technician. He was friendly, courteous, and professional. He was honest and up front about the job and kept us informed along the way. Glad he was the person on the job.

mike ellis
mike ellis 5.0

Kirk Gravely
Kirk Gravely 5.0

John Lahoda
John Lahoda 5.0

Paul the service technician and his helper did a through job, they worked well together. Thank you,

Ronald Clupper
Ronald Clupper 5.0

Jon did a great job.

kristin snyder
kristin snyder 5.0

sonicsweetie1 5.0

Jon Day was pleasant, knowledgeable, and competent.

Kim Hahne
Kim Hahne 5.0

Justin was professional, meticulous and provided thorough explanations of his work. He kept us in the loop on everything that he was doing. Took great pride in his work!

Lou Schlagter
Lou Schlagter 5.0

Josh was extremely professional. Would certainly use again.

bobby stickel
bobby stickel 5.0

Sharon Grogan
Sharon Grogan 5.0

Jon was very helpful and professional and I would recommend him to anyone needing services! Thank you Auchinachie!

Tim Hogan
Tim Hogan 5.0

Ray Allen was the technician that Auchinachie sent to service my boiler. He meticulously checked over the boiler and was very professional while in my home. I received a text message stating he was on his way and I was very pleased with his work. I ...recommend Ray at for all HVAC needs.Read More...

Cheryl Nages
Cheryl Nages 5.0

Fast and efficient service. Thanks!

No Copyright Background Music
No Copyright Background Music 4.0

Chris Rounds
Chris Rounds 5.0

Angel did a very fine job. I was out of town, but my wife described the experience with him as very satisfactory. He kept her up to date on the progress of the work, and responded thoughtfully to her questions. He was, in short, terrific! Chris

Marie Graham
Marie Graham 1.0

I had to reschedule

Jane Mastronardi
Jane Mastronardi 5.0


Pam Vandling
Pam Vandling 5.0

Jon came and cleaned my boiler and also drained my hot water heater at the same time so we can avoid the mineral buildup. He was very efficient and nice. Very respectful and did a great job. He cleaned up after everything as well. This company is ...slightly more expensive than the company I previously used, but I felt that I got a decent value for the services performed. It would have been nice if the person I first spoke to told me that the $99 quote was simply for the tech to come to the house. Other than that I don’t have an issue.Read More...

Vincent Biundo
Vincent Biundo 5.0

I have used this company for 5 years. There are extremely prompt. They Responded in the middle of Winter At night And got the heating Working. True professionals

Audrey Mazzarella
Audrey Mazzarella 5.0

Mike was great to work with. He arrived on time, was very professional, and was very knowledgeable regarding water filtration systems. He thoroughly evaluated my well water issues, and then described in detail my options for resolving said issues.

V Young
V Young 1.0

Update. 2020: Furnace failed AGAIN! Auchinachie estimated to "fix" my faulty system for thousands of dollars, yet again, then suggested I'd be better off replacing the now 9 y/o furnace they began "fixing at 4 y/o. I found a company in Syracuse who ...coordinated w the manufacturer to easily fix my system AT THE ROOT of the problem- for a fraction of the estimate. It now works like new! Auchinachie will NEVER set foot in my house again!! 7/24/19 After my most recent and enraging encounter, I am now looking at my past experiences with Auchinachie from a very different perspective. My trust in them has been shattered. As much as I have appreciated the pleasant attentiveness of the workers who have come to service my home, I now feel that's just a tactic. I have been sold a bill of goods repeatedly and feel I have been taken advantage of as an older woman with limited understanding of mechanicals. I won't bother to backtrack on here about the many extremely expensive past HVAC services that I am now questioning--I will stick to the most current event: My 8-year-old MOEN bathtub faucet broke. It just spun around and around- unable to turn the water on or off. I called Auchinachie, and when the servicer (Josh) arrived for the non-emergency service call, he looked it over and then gave me 3 different estimates/options for repair. The first estimate he gave me was over $3400 for what he referred to as gold service. (Was the new faucet made of gold?) The second estimate was for aprox $1800 and called silver service. The third and lowest estimate was about $1000 and was referred to as standard service. He told me that there was no access panel to my bath plumbing so he would have to go into the bedroom next door to cut a hole in my wall to create access. When I cringed at the thought, he said he could cut a large hole in my tub unit and then cover it with a large metal plate. It was apparently going to be a big, messy, ugly, time-consuming job. I was shocked and stressed and anxious about the entire situation as he explained it, and about the expense of the estimates. I told the serviceman I could not afford ANY of those at that moment as I had just paid Auchinachie about $2800 in the past 6 weeks for other repair services on my 8-year-old house. I told him since I have other bathrooms available, it will have to wait. I asked Josh to send me the estimates via email so I could discuss the options with family. He sent me ONLY the silver estimate. I called Auchinachie to ask about getting the other 2 estimates, they said they had no record of any other estimate--the silver was the only one he entered into the system. (I mention this only because I am sensing suspiciousness. Why offer 3 estimates but only record one? The phone rep could not answer that question when I asked.) SO--here's what happened after Auchinachie left my house: I called some long distance family members experienced in plumbing to tell about my situation, all of whom were as shocked as I that replacing my faucet was estimated so high. I was then told that MOEN guarantees their products for life. Does a professional plumber not know this?? I called Moen and spoke to a rep who also responded with shock at my story and the estimates. The Moen rep told me he would send me the needed part for free, along with a free special tool to install the part, and also instructions on how to install it. He told me "Ma'am, it really is so easy, I believe you could install it yourself." I couldn't wait 2 weeks for the part to arrive as I had company coming, so I decided, based on Moen's remarks, to call a local plumber who was recommended to me last year. I didn't tell the new plumber the back story because I didn't want any information to impact the service he provided. He came to the house, looked at my faucet and said it was an easy fix. He replaced the faulty part in a matter of minutes and charged me ONLY $80 for his service!!!!! (I paid $50 for the part even though Moen's was in the mail, but that was an easy choice for a quick fix.) Now I'm VERY suspicious of Auchinachie!!Read More...

Michael Painter
Michael Painter 5.0

Jessica Olaeta
Jessica Olaeta 5.0

Kurt Krause
Kurt Krause 4.0

Pleasant workers. Pricey.$$$

Steve Fraioli
Steve Fraioli 5.0

Once again, Auchinachie has delighted us with the outstanding quality of the technician sent to our home: Justin Viviano demonstrated his stellar technical knowledge, diagnostic discernment, and mechanical expertise to efficiently and effectively repair ...our water-treatment system. Justin is very personable, and a gifted teacher: A non-techie like me is now much more comfortable in my part of this appreciated partnership, such as my periodically rinsing a filter, to ensure our valued machinery performs best.Read More...

stalicae 5.0

Paul was nice and helpful and good conversation

Alex Dukhin
Alex Dukhin 5.0

Ceril Sandstrom
Ceril Sandstrom 2.0

Logan was super helpful! I was very happy with his ability to trouble shoot and help us in a tight spot. So glad to have heat! My concern is for the system of cost that seems similar to what AJ Perry got in trouble for. Logan was super helpful, but I ...distrust when they want 10x (yes 10x) the cost for a minor item. I know I was lucky with the low cost diagnostic fee, but it should NOT be $1500 to replace a basic wire and thermostat. Ever. But don’t use this to go to halco, they have nice techs but the higher ups create scams there - chad.Read More...

Timothy Doren
Timothy Doren 3.0

if the technician says you need a new furnace I would advise to get a second opinion from another heating company.

stephanie Rajnes
stephanie Rajnes 1.0

We are extremely unhappy with the service that was provided by Auchinache. The service tech that came to our home jumped pretty quickly to the conclusion that we needed to first remove a tree from our yard and then spend over $8k to dig up the yard and ...replace our main sewer line because it was completely full of roots. We called in a second company for another opinion and saw on his camera for ourselves that there was not a single root in our pipes and he was able to completely clean out the clog that had been causing our problem. Auchinachie is clearly looking for the big paying jobs and has no problem lying to get them. I’m so glad we trusted our gut to get a second look. We will be telling all of our friends and family to never use Auchinachie for anything!Read More...

Jerry Schmidt
Jerry Schmidt 5.0

Norm Scott
Norm Scott 5.0

Provided a bid for heat pump installation for home

Patty Lasher
Patty Lasher 5.0


JodiLyn Livingston
JodiLyn Livingston 5.0

Called to get a quote for a big project. Rich called to let me know he was running a couple minutes late, was courteous about using a mask in my home, and was very pleasant and professional.

Dakotah Munson
Dakotah Munson 5.0

They were prompt, polite, professional and helped us to understand all of the issues we had and helping us to find the right solution for our heating needs this winter.

rebecca vroman
rebecca vroman 4.0

Hollis Skinner
Hollis Skinner 4.0

terry squires
terry squires 5.0

,Fixed my Toilet, all's working well! Guess I need buy Home Repair book! Thank you for Your service! He gets A.

Kilvy 5.0

Really appreciated Josh's visit. A lovely young man. Easy to talk to & gives complete answers & good suggestions.😀

David Abrams
David Abrams 5.0

Josh is friendly and easy to work with. He did a great job!

Amanda Wilber
Amanda Wilber 5.0

The Auchanchie staff was helpful, kind and tentative to our needs. They are thorough in explaining options, discussing services and scheduled in a timely manner.

Susan Watrous
Susan Watrous 5.0

Justin is wonderful! He went way above and beyond for us. We needed our water softener moved so that we could remove an old washing machine. He not only performed the requested service, he also took out the old washer and put the new one in! Very ...personable and knowledgeable, and always a pleasure to work with. Tyler and Angel did a phenomenal job installing our heater. They were professional, competent and personable. Tyler's extra effort in the (difficult) vent pipe placement, and Angel's neat work in sealing the heating unit, were especially appreciated. We have trusted Auchinachie with our heater, A/C, on-demand water heater, and water softener for several years and have been consistently pleased with their services.Read More...

Charles A. Trueman
Charles A. Trueman 5.0

Ray, is very professional and quality work. Always a pleasure to him service and repair the systems in my house.

Clifford Wood
Clifford Wood 5.0

S Wieckhorst
S Wieckhorst 3.0

We needed replacement filter for water softener and it took several calls and trips to binghamton until they finally had the right ones.

Jody 5.0

Very happy with the service and how quickly they got the new furnace and hot water heater in, and then came to install it.

Doreen Graham
Doreen Graham 5.0

Amber Clark
Amber Clark 5.0

Jon was amazing. He was courteous and knowledgeable. I’ve had some troubles in the past when a technician would treat me like I didn’t know anything and I can honestly say that Jon did NOT do this at all. Thank you so much!!

Tara Smith
Tara Smith 5.0

Ray Allen did a great job. Was professional and informative. Would definitely use them again.

Rory Campbell
Rory Campbell 5.0

We had some plumbing work done on our old house in DelCo in September. Jeff and John could not have been nicer and more professional. They were helpful and offered advice for after they finished the job. Highly recommend Jeff and John.

Phil Gusman
Phil Gusman 5.0

Paul was friendly, knowledgeable, and great to work with. He explained everything thoroughly and provided great suggestions on things to watch out for on our aging furnace and fireplace insert.

Saleena McLaughlin
Saleena McLaughlin 5.0

They were fast, courteous, explained everything to me adhered to social distancing and answered all our questions. Was knowledgeable and extremely helpful price was reasonable especially for emergency services!

Carol Neal
Carol Neal 5.0

Airian Eastman
Airian Eastman 5.0

This was the third company we had come out and they were the most professional and understanding in the problems and our needs to fix it. Rashad was able to explain the problems, how to best proceed to fix the problems and took the time to go over ...everything with us. Friendly and polite. We were glad to work with him as he was patient with us and knowledge about the system and requirements for our water along with replacement options. Worth giving them a call.Read More...

Mike Caruso
Mike Caruso 5.0

Professional service and installation as expected. 👍

norm abrams
norm abrams 1.0

Service Costs 200 more dollars than Petoskey service I have been getting for past 10 years. Technician showed up 2 hours after scheduled appointment. Same service more than double the price. Will not be using them again.

Tom Schimmerling
Tom Schimmerling 5.0

I was very happy with the service I received. The tech did a great job, and did so efficiently and at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend this company,

valerie jochum
valerie jochum 5.0

Jim Bruno was knowledgeable, trustworthy,on time, friendly, and very sensitive to my situation. I would highly recommend him as one of Auchinachie's best technicians.

Lindy Lou
Lindy Lou 5.0

Ray Allen inspected my boiler and re-attached a radiator. He advised what had to done to the boiler and is going to have the office call me next month. Thanks!

Peggy Rosenthal
Peggy Rosenthal 1.0

First visit from them was for an estimate on installing a bath tub. The technician Ray offered me an estimate, and a side estimate to do the work on the side for half the price if I didn't go through his employer. Second visit, I ordered a furnace ...cleaning. The same guy came and played around with a pocket device, took some photos of my furnace, then told me I had agreed to a "special" costing $169.00 and he would NOT clean my furnace. It was a total scam. Furthermore, they told me they RECORDED the phone conversation where I agreed to said "special". Clearly they omitted the part where I asked for a furnace cleaning and that was all I needed, where they clearly offered it as a "special" that would be included in my furnace cleaning service. Whatever the the technician measured with his little handheld device can't possibly be accurate (if a real device at all) since he didn't even open the vent registers before doing so. They were all closed because I hadn't yet needed heat since last winter. He did no actual WORK. It was a complete scam. I did not get the service I ordered. I was referred to this company by Home Advisor and got exactly what anyone would want to avoid using a referral service like that. Caveat Emptor ! ...and stay away from these scammers!Read More...

Cathy Enriquezurbina
Cathy Enriquezurbina 5.0

Justin was pleasant, wore a mask, social distanced and wore booties inside the house. He was professional and informative. Thank you.

Edwin Farmer
Edwin Farmer 2.0

The only reason Auchinachie is getting two stars is because of their field employees. The technicians that have come to my houses have been professional and pleasant. They do try to sell a lot, which is unfortunate, but they still get the job done. ...However, don’t ever call the office or deal with anyone there. They are rude and extremely unprofessional. I have several properties, and this isn’t a one time thing. I’ll be getting a new vendor after this most recent experience.Read More...

Cesca Miller
Cesca Miller 5.0

Rashad has been to my home twice in the last year. He is always polite, friendly, and efficient.

Sean Denninger
Sean Denninger 5.0

Work was done quickly and efficiently!

Alcuin Kellerhouse
Alcuin Kellerhouse 5.0

Rashad Fareed was outstanding!

Chris lynch
Chris lynch 5.0

Matthew Solomon
Matthew Solomon 5.0

Today, James Bruno came out to do my heating system inspection and maintenance. He was considerate, professional and personable. I was comfortable having him in my home. Thanks, James!

Timothy Wells
Timothy Wells 5.0

everything went well, no complaints

Sarah VanGalder
Sarah VanGalder 5.0

I was requesting information on their products. I thought he was honest and actually listened to what I was asking about.

EJ Reuschef
EJ Reuschef 5.0

Hannah Driskell
Hannah Driskell 5.0

Ray Allen was knowledgeable, explained everything to me, and was understanding of my current situation.

Terry Graves
Terry Graves 5.0

arrived on time, troubleshot the furnace, explained to me what they found and gave me pricing in the spot for services which needed to done. Both men were very professional and knowledgeable.

David Alexander Bateman
David Alexander Bateman 5.0

Extremely helpful. Everything was clearly explained, various options walked through, and I was given everything I needed to make a sound decision. Would highly recommend.

Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones 5.0

Service technician, Ray Allen, was prompt, professional and personable. His knowledge and service made me feel comfortable and confident that I had received the best solution for my heating issues.

jrfk2 5.0

Will Dunn
Will Dunn 5.0

Quick, excellent repair on a radiator even on a Sunday. Was probably completed in less than an hour, the tech had all the parts with him.

Krishnaveni Chintakrindi
Krishnaveni Chintakrindi 5.0

Heather Smith
Heather Smith 5.0

Auchinachie tech Ray Allen came out to diagnose my oil boiler no hot water issue. He was extremely knowledgeable, explained every step of his diagnostic process and answered all of my questions in a professional and easy to understand way. I would ...recommend this company and my technician to anyone. Extremely satisfied and will use again in the future if the need arises.Read More...

Ryan Heath
Ryan Heath 5.0

Bonnie Daniels
Bonnie Daniels 5.0

Mary Drachler
Mary Drachler 5.0

The gentlemen were courteous, knowledgeable, and pleasant to have working in my cellar!

Kelly Patterson
Kelly Patterson 5.0

He was on time, very nice,extremely knowledgeable, professional and helpful!

Anne Marie Lauharn
Anne Marie Lauharn 5.0

richard came in to do an estimate to replace current furnace for our church. He was thorough, discussed budget if any and reviewed many options. His knowledge base is vast. Very pleasant to work with as well. Certainly would recommend this company. No ...work has been done yet.Read More...

Grant B
Grant B 5.0

Ray did a great job. Very pleased. He was efficient and very pleasant. Found a potential major issue and resolved quickly. Thanks Ray!!

Chad Szakacs
Chad Szakacs 5.0

Bill and the guys were great! Just purchased a home and needed a new oil burner. Bill was respectful and knowledgeable and took me step by step through everything. Highly recommend!

Edward Milk Jr
Edward Milk Jr 5.0


The tech, Ray Allen, did a great job in fixing a difficult problem! He was very knowledgeable and competent. I would not hesitate to call on him again.

Bobbi Wright
Bobbi Wright 5.0

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