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Save Money on Summertime Bills

The cost of summertime cooling can severely deplete your bank account. From early in the month of May through early in the month of October, many people will turn their central or window unit air conditioners on full blast for an entire day trying to beat the unbearable heat of the summer. Studies have shown

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Cost Saving Cooling Tips from NYSEG

Try these low- or no-cost tips from NYSEG to boost your household’s energy efficiency: Cooling Your Living Areas Set your air conditioning thermostat at 78° or higher during the cooling season. Each degree above 75° saves you 3% of the energy used to cool your home. When using air conditioning, only cool the rooms you

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Locating your Furnace Filter

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to heating and cooling elements within a home is, “Where is my furnace filter located?” When you move into a brand new home and need to change out the furnace filter, or if you have lived in your home for a couple of years and

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What Type of Home Furnace Should you Buy?

Natural gas prices are rising. Oil prices are skyrocketing. Chances are that your utility bills have been steadily increasing. A major contribution to high utility costs is your furnace. If you are considering replacing your current furnace, you have many decisions to make. Two main choices stand out, however. First, should you choose an oil

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