Cost Saving Cooling Tips from NYSEG


Try these low- or no-cost tips from NYSEG to boost your household’s energy efficiency:

Cooling Your Living Areas

  • Set your air conditioning thermostat at 78° or higher during the cooling season. Each degree above 75° saves you 3% of the energy used to cool your home.
  • When using air conditioning, only cool the rooms you need. Close doors to other rooms.
  • Turn your air conditioner off when you leave home.
  • Help keep your home and yourself cool by using natural ventilation and wearing light clothing.
  • Close your draperies and shades on hot, sunny days to reduce solar heat build-up.
  • Close windows and doors during the hottest parts of the day.

Lights and Appliances

  • Turn off unused lights, stereos, televisions, computers, etc.
  • During the day, use as few lights as necessary. Let daylight do the work.
  • Keep light bulbs and shades dust-free. Dust absorbs light.
  • Use three-way bulbs where possible and choose the wattage or amount of light for your needs.
  • Use a concentrated light for tasks like reading, sewing, or cooking.
  • Use fluorescent, rather than incandescent, fixtures, and bulbs where possible.
  • Fluorescent lights are three to four times more energy-efficient.
  • Consider energy efficiency by painting walls and ceilings light colors. Light colors reflect rather than absorb light, thus reducing the need for extra lighting.
  • With incandescent lighting, use one high-wattage bulb rather than several low-wattage bulbs. Replace on-off switches with solid-state dimmer switches to better control lighting and efficiency.

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