How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

Increasingly, there is concern over the safety of America’s drinking water. Many studies have documented undesirable or even harmful impurities in our water supplies. Chemical solvents and organic contaminants are finding their ways into your water supply. Federal law regulates most, but not all, of these contaminants. However, significant health risks exist with many of

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Drinking Water Quality Report For The City Of Binghamton, NY

The New York Department of Health– Bureau of Public Water Supply Protection conducts periodic water safety tests on all of the state’s water supplies. The government makes this data public. Although federal agencies enforce drinking water safety standards, some contaminant levels allowed by law exceed recommended health guidelines. Other chemicals are entirely unregulated. These are

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Which is the Better Choice: A Water Conditioner or A Water Softener?

Hard water is not a pleasant problem to have at home. The stains. The mess. The high mineral content in your water makes it impossible not to notice what’s going on around your faucets, your showerheads, and your drains. From the staining to the deposits left behind, you might be in over your head trying

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