How Safe is Your Drinking Water?


Increasingly, there is concern over the safety of America’s drinking water. Many studies have documented undesirable or even harmful impurities in our water supplies. Chemical solvents and organic contaminants are finding their ways into your water supply.

Federal law regulates most, but not all, of these contaminants. However, significant health risks exist with many of these contaminants even when ingesting and much smaller doses than allowed by law. In this article, you will discover some shocking facts about common contaminants found in drinking water.

Our water supplies contain a large number of contaminants. These contaminants arise from several different places. In this article, we will examine where these pollutants most commonly originate. We’ll also look at some health risks.

These contaminants can come from water treatment plants, industry and agriculture, and water pipes and other distribution equipment. Let’s take a look at each of these sources…

Contaminants Added By Water Treatment Plants

We have an immense consumption of water in the United States, and it is extremely difficult to combat every possible contaminant. Surprisingly though, public water treatment plants actually put some of these in our water. Water disinfectants comprise most of these types of toxins.

Chlorine is one such chemical. This chemical causes long-term health effects including anemia, nervous system disorders, eye and nose irritations, and stomach discomfort.

Other chemicals are byproducts of the disinfection process. Scientists have identified many additional health risks stemming from these chemicals, including increased risk of cancer and liver, kidney, or central nervous system problems.

The most controversial of these chemicals is fluoride. It is added to the drinking supply to strengthen children’s teeth. However, it has also been proven that it promotes bone disease, irregular teeth discoloration, and an incredible array of other problems, both large and small.

Toxins From Industry And Agriculture

Serious ecological concerns arise from toxins released into the environment from industry and agriculture. Though there are countless federal regulations, a significant health risk still exists from all of these chemicals. These poisons can find their ways into the water supply either prior to treatment or by seeping through leaking pipes. They are not easily eliminated in large quantities.

The massive and efficient farming techniques today encourage much herbicide and pesticide use. This is a key reason why you should wash all of your produce thoroughly with clean water, by the way!

Pesticides are linked to a large range of health risks. Liver problems, stomach problems, kidney problems, blood problems, cardiovascular problems, reproductive problems… The list continues on and on.

Factories belch out toxic chemicals, and companies dump toxins straight into the environment. Inevitably, these chemicals find their way into a water supply. Again, these can be exceedingly difficult chemicals to remove.

Depending on the specific industry, these chemicals add considerably to the list of safety concerns for our drinking water. Hair loss, cancer, high cholesterol, unwanted weight loss, and severe nervous disorders are only a few of many health problems identified by scientists.

Water Pipes And Other Distribution Equipment

You can easily see how old, decaying water pipes can cause problems. However, even new pipes and other distribution equipment release harmful substances into the water supply.

Old water pipes are a substantial cause for concern. Sediment from these pipes enters the water supply directly. And this is after the water has already been treated. Not only is this residue a problem, but it also reacts with chlorine to create several toxic byproducts. Newer equipment can release inorganic chemicals.

Again there is conclusive evidence that the following health problems can arise: cancer, anemia, nervous system disorders, and liver and kidney problems.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Family?

As you’ve discovered, the water reaching your house overflows with toxins. Though the federal government has strict regulations in place, water treatment plants still do not remove all of the hazardous chemicals.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can protect your family from these dangers. A professional water purification system will eliminate nearly all of these chemicals, and give you and your family pure drinking water. This will shield you from all of the harmful long-term effects created by drinking non-purified water.

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