What Type of Home Furnace Should you Buy?


Natural gas prices are rising. Oil prices are skyrocketing. Chances are that your utility bills have been steadily increasing. A major contribution to high utility costs is your furnace.

If you are considering replacing your current furnace, you have many decisions to make. Two main choices stand out, however. First, should you choose an oil furnace or a natural gas furnace? Second, should you buy a high-efficiency furnace or a slightly cheaper, lower efficiency furnace?

This article will compare your options on the basis of price and convenience.

Price Comparison: High Versus Low-Efficiency Furnaces

Modern high-efficiency heaters cost slightly more than their lower efficiency counterparts. This is to be expected, as these units are much higher quality. The initial difference in price, however, can be quickly overcome by the greater utility savings.

Lower efficiency heaters can be as little as 78% efficient. This means that for every dollar you spend in utility costs, only 78 cents of that turns into heat. The rest is wasted– that’s 22 cents of every dollar.

High-efficiency heaters are as much as 95% efficient. This results in nearly a 40% savings in fuel bills. As you can see, you will quickly recoup the additional cost. From that point on, all other savings is money in your pocket.

Modern heaters can last 20 to 25 years. And every one of those years you can be saving significant money on utility costs.

Another hugely important consideration is that energy prices will continue to rise sharply throughout the next several years. This will cause the savings difference to increase even further.

Price Comparison: Oil Versus Natural Gas Furnaces

Based upon price, should you choose an oil furnace or a natural gas furnace? In today’s economy, natural gas furnaces are the hands-down winners here.

Both oil and natural gas prices have been exceptionally volatile during the past few years. Both have gone up substantially. But natural gas prices are dramatically lower than oil prices when running home heaters.

This price gap is expected to increase considerably over the next several years. This is due to two factors. First, stringent government regulations placed on oil drilling. Second, new and advanced methods for extracting natural gas. Natural gas companies are able to extract more natural gas with less environmental hazards. Therefore, government regulations do not affect them quite as much.

Convenience comparison: Oil Versus Natural Gas Furnaces

Again, natural gas furnaces are the winners in the convenience category.

Oil furnaces require annual cleaning to remove sulfur and sit buildups. Natural gas is less messy and therefore will require less cleaning. This can reduce your maintenance costs substantially– more savings for you!

You don’t want to risk your family’s health. Oil can emit harmful gases. Natural gas burns much more cleanly and is, therefore, better for your family’s health. This may be the best reason of all to purchase a natural gas furnace.

How To Purchase An Energy-Efficient Natural Gas Furnace

Now you know that your new furnace should burn natural gas and be highly efficient. There are so many companies that install furnaces. How do you choose? You will want to pick a business with experience and integrity… a company with a proven track record and reputation.

Auchinachie Heating and Plumbing have been doing business for over one century in New York. Their professionals can give you an honest estimate for installing a new energy-efficient natural gas furnace. Auchinachie can help you better understand how one can benefit you and what your savings potential is for the lifetime of your heater.

Call Auchinachie Heating and Plumbing today and start saving big on your utility bills with an energy-efficient home furnace installation.

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