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What is a whole house water softener, and which one is the best?  These are two of the most commonly asked questions Auchinachie customers ask about whole house water softeners in the Binghamton homes. The answer to the first half of the question is a little complex. Water softener has one major job, but that job contributes to numerous benefits in your home or business. The second half of that question comes with a simple answer.  Kinetico's systems are consistent award winners for their capacity, design, build-quality and unparalleled warranties. Designed specifically for homeowners with more than one water issue, Kinetico is the brand of water softener that’s going to benefit everything from your skin to your pipes.

Living in a rural community around Binghamton, or being on city water, you might have some unique water issues. If your water is hard, you might begin to notice that it’s leaving a lot of evidence behind. Residue and build-up along your faucets and shower heads are both indicative of hard water. If you feel that you have some water issues, give our team a call to have on of our professionals assess the chemical and mineral make-up of your water and help you choose a comprehensive plan of action. If you and our water technician decide you need a water softener system installed in your home, we can provide you with more information, recommendations, and the answers to all your questions backed up by science.

How Does Hard Water Damage My Home?

Hard water causes damage. As your water flows through pipes underground, it’s not uncommon for the water to pick up minerals along the way. These minerals are not completely filtered out of your water before it gets into your home. This means you’re showering in water filled with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The same minerals can be abrasive on hair and certain skin types. They are also tough on your pipes. They cause buildup that can slow the flow of your water and on your faucets and showerheads that can also be visually unsightly.

Hard water leaves residue on your dishes, and it can cause major soap scum, discoloration, and even stains on your glass shower floors and your sink. It can also make it hard for you to shower because hard water stops soap from lathering properly. Imagine washing your hands after picking up after the dog on a walk only to realize your soap won’t lather because the water is so hard. Furthermore, your poor water quality affects every dish and appliance you own. When you pour hard water into your coffee pot, you’re causing significant excess damage to the pot and the parts inside your coffee maker that might not allow the machine to last as long as you’d like. You’re also drinking this water if you drink unfiltered water from your fridge or your sink.

Your hard water might not seem like that big of a deal if you don’t notice it right away, but what happens the first time it causes your washing machine to act up? Or what happens when you realize your clothes are becoming discolored in the wash? Hard water affects every aspect of your life, even if it takes you a while to notice the results. Hard water comes in many levels, which means some people suffer more than others. The good news, however, is that no one needs to suffer from any level of hard water with the advancements in whole house water softener technology.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

The Kinetico line of water softeners work in one major way. They improve your overall quality of life by improving the overall quality of your water. Their whole house water softener systems work simply and efficiently. Every system has what is called a resin bed. The magnesium and the calcium built up found naturally in hard water goes through this resin bed and processes out the things you don’t want. The filtration process involves an exchange process in which only the water that’s soft and beneficial is filtered into your home. The resin bed fills with all the hard water deposits, and salt is used to periodically clean it out.

Is Soft Water Better for Me and My Home?

If you’re living with exceptionally hard water in your Binghamton area home, you aren’t asking this question. This is a question that people ask when their water is hard, but not excessively so. If you have very hard water, you know that it’s bad for everything in your home, and you know the cost of a water softener is a small price to pay for your own benefit.

The benefits of soft water range from better dishes to better laundry to longer-lasting pipes to better overall health for you and your entire family.

  •   Your pipes last longer without buildup
  •   Your water flows better and leaves you feeling cleaner
  •   Your dishes are cleaner
  •   Your appliances last longer
  •   Your clothes get cleaner
  •   Your overall health improves when you stop drinking hard water
  •   You have cleaner skin, which is also skin without as much surface bacteria
  •   You have smoother, healthier hair
  •   Energy costs decrease every month

Kinetico uses an AccuDial Technology platform that allows you to save money every month. If you’re worried about the initial cost of this system being more than other systems, you’re not alone. Many people wonder why they’re paying so much more for a whole house water softener from Kinetico, but there are a few key benefits associated with this high of a quality water softener. First, you get what you pay for. There is an old adage of buy it right, buy it once. Second, paying more upfront doesn’t mean you’re paying more for this product. You’ll actually save money because you’re not running the water softener with your own electricity. Your overall utility costs drop considerably every month because of their smartly designed technology.  Auchinachie is the only certified Kinetico water softener installer in Binghamton and our highly trained technicians are ready to get you on the road to soft, amazing water.

Why is Kinetico Different?

Unlike other water softeners, Kinetico designs systems with you in mind. What is most convenient for you? What works best for you and your family? Those are the questions designers ask when their engineers create their award winning water softeners, and that means their products offer more beneefits for your family.

Kinetico is Non-Electric

Kinetico is a non-electric system. Electric systems are inconvenient. You don’t need to run your system using your power sources, so you end up saving money on your overall energy costs. Additionally, you don’t have to wait around for an electric system to warm up or work properly. This system works solely on the power of the water itself, which means it’s always ready to go. Downtime between showers or between loads of laundry is required when you use electric water softeners. This system doesn’t require any wait time at all.

Kinetic Doesn’t Stop

What happens if there is a power outage at your home or business? What if there is a blizzard, and you are without power for days at a time? Is your water safe to drink or use at this point? Kinetico uses something called smart technology. You have more than one tank, which means you have more than one system on the backburner if you need it in a pinch. You always have clean water that’s free of buildup and magnesium. Furthermore, this technology allows your systems to regenerate no matter what time of day or night it is, and even if there is a problem with the power. You will always have the best water.

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