The Benefits of Installing Central Air in Your Home


Central air conditioning is the most effective and simplest way to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Compared to conventional air conditioning methods such as window unit air conditioners, central air is by far the best selection for any home or office. Perhaps the biggest benefit of central air conditioning might seem like its ability to cool your entire house in a matter of minutes, but it’s actually the unit’s ability to clean the air and improve your air quality.

Instead of cooling only one room as window units are capable of doing, the central air conditioning cools your entire house by sending cool air through ducts in your home. The air is then released through vents into each room, cooling it almost immediately. Through return air ducts, ambient air is pulled from each room before passing through filters that remove lint, dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens before releasing this new clean air into each room of your home via a secondary duct. Even the smallest pollutants in the air are trapped and prevented from being released into your air. The more money you spend on a central air conditioner, the more pollutants it will capture, and the cleaner your indoor air quality will become.

Clean air at all times is the biggest benefit of a central air conditioning system. However, it’s not the only benefit of having central air. There are many reasons your air conditioning system should be upgraded to central air.

Less Noise

Central air conditioners are far quieter than traditional air conditioners. The unit is located outside your home, causing the bulk of its running noise to go virtually unnoticed when you are in your home.


Being located outside means your air conditioning system does not block your views or affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. Conventional window unit air conditioners make it impossible to see out of the portion of the windows they use and they look uninviting from the exterior of your home. Because it does not take up any space indoors, your home looks chicer and more modern.

Easily Controlled

You have two options when it comes to controlling central air. The first is one operating unit that controls the air in every room of your home. The control is located in one place in your home. By turning the air on, off, up or down, you only have to use one unit that can be programmed to run at specific times and temperatures. If you choose to have individual controls in each room, you will have to go to each room to adjust them. However, most homeowners with this option only use the air in the main portion of their homes, such as the living space and used bedrooms. This eliminates the need to cool frequently unused rooms, which also saves on your energy bills.

Both Heating and Cooling

Most installed central air conditioning systems have the ability to cool and heat your home at once. Having a central heater and air conditioner will make it more convenient to make the temperature at home more comfortable.

The only downside of a central air conditioner is the initial price. However, once you decide to have central air installed, the benefits make the price tag well worth it. Additionally, having this type of heat and air in your home can eliminate other costs. Cleaner air quality keeps you and your family healthier and it’s more cost-effective in regards to your utilities.

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