Central Air Conditioning Or A Window Unit: Which Is Right For You?

Air conditioner on backyard

Do you currently use a window air-conditioning unit?  Summers seem to be getting hotter. Utility bills are skyrocketing. Perhaps it’s about time you thought about installing central air conditioning.

You know that a central air conditioner would make your home much more comfortable. It would circulate air evenly throughout your entire home. Humidity would be well controlled. You would experience much better cooling than a window unit can possibly provide.

But would central air be cost-efficient? This article will help you answer that question.

In today’s economy, energy costs are rising uncontrollably. Experts expect this trend to continue. Will central air conditioning cost you a ton of money? Central air conditioners today provide utility savings of up to 60% versus older models. But can central air actually save you money on utility bills? The answer is: “It depends.”

The Size Of Your Home Matters

Window air conditioning units can work extremely hard throughout the day, trying to keep up with the cooling demands placed upon them. This nonstop action costs money.

Maybe you are only cooling one or two rooms. In this case, your window unit probably keeps these rooms at a reasonable temperature. However, if you have more than two rooms to cool, the rest of your house probably experiences a heatwave. To remedy this, you must buy additional window units.

If you live in a very small space, you won’t see savings by installing central air. Conversely, when you start adding multiple window units for larger areas, a central air conditioner quickly starts to rack up savings.

Your Home’s Layout Affects Window Unit Efficiency

Depending on your home’s layout, central air can begin saving you money with as little as 800 ft.² of floor space.

If your house has multiple levels, then central air becomes even more desirable. Window air conditioners become much less efficient with this type of layout.

One unit may not entirely cool a single level. On the other hand, a smaller level may be over-cooled, resulting in wasted energy.

Central Air Will Raise Your Home’s Resale Value

Lastly, if you ever sell your home, buyers prefer houses with central air. Your home will have a much higher resale value. This may make up for the cost of the central air conditioner all by itself.

Additionally, the real estate agent will be more apt to show your house. This will result in your home being sold more quickly. Homes that sell more quickly are more likely to sell closer to their list prices.


You already knew that central air conditioning can make you feel much more comfortable during the summer. You now also know some of the financial factors that can influence your decision to buy a central air conditioner.

Central air can potentially save you money. Central air conditioners are better as a home becomes larger. The layout of your home has a substantial effect on your choice. Central air will also allow you to sell your home for more money.

A certified professional can help you better estimate your utility savings resulting from central air installation.  Call the experts at Auchinachie Plumbing, Heating and Air todayThey can answer all of your questions, and help you make a much more informed decision as to the leading installers of Binghamton Central Air Units.

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