Do Your Old Water Pipes Need Replacing?


Old water pipes can be a pain. They can leak. They can give you miserable water pressure. Some old pipes can cause lead poisoning—a serious health hazard.

This article will explore those problems and help you determine if you need professional water pipe installation. First, you will learn about the possibility of lead poisoning due to old pipes. Second, you will discover the reasons why water pressure becomes worse as pipes age. Third, you will find out what problems rusty pipes cause.

After reading this article, you can then decide if your problems might be severe enough to warrant getting an expert’s advice…

Lead Poisoning Is A Huge Problem With Older Pipes

Old galvanized pipes have a significant chance of giving you lead poisoning. If your home was built before 1986, a strong possibility exists that the pipes can cause lead poisoning. You should have the pipes inspected by a professional immediately.

Lead poisoning can cause retarded development in babies and children. Adults affected by lead poisoning will experience increases in blood pressure or possibly kidney damage.

Warm water, especially, causes lead to enter the drinking water. It’s best to consume cold drinking water.

If your house does contain lead pipes, you will need a professional water pipe installation project.

Are Your Old Water Pipes Clogged?

Do your water pipes give you poor water pressure? If that’s the case, mineral deposits have clogged the insides of your pipes.

Pipes can become clogged over the years with mineral deposits. Contaminants and sediment in the water form these deposits. Depending on the water mains, even small pebbles may become stuck inside of pipes with mineral buildups.

Acidic water will deteriorate the inside of the pipes. It eats away at the pipes and causes leaks. Leaky pipes can be repaired, but that’s only a temporary solution. It’s also relatively expensive. The problem will persist and become worse. You will eventually end up needing to spend money on a new water pipe installation.

Some water leakage problems are less severe. For example, dripping valves can be remedied by simply replacing the water valve. However, other problems are not so simple and may require a new water pipe installation. For these jobs, call a licensed professional.

Problems Caused By Rust

Water pipes can also rust, which will severely impact the quality of water that you receive.

Rust causes your water to become hard. Your clothes feel stiff and scratchy and look dingy. When taking a shower, soap film remains on your skin. This makes it hard to remove bacteria and dirt. Dishes may build up deposits on them, as well.

Rust causes an unpleasant taste in drinking water. It may make your water looked dirty. However, there is no health risk associated with rust.

Rust also increases the rate at which the pipes become clogged.

Do you need a new water pipe installation?

You’ve learned of the dangers and troubles of old pipes. Lead poisoning is a particularly serious problem. Clogged water pipes can prevent adequate water pressure. Rust can cause hard water problems and make the drinking water taste bad.

If you are still unsure about whether or not you need new water pipes, you should contact a licensed plumber for advice. Call the professionals at Auchinachie Plumbing, Heating and Air today for a free consultation. They have been in business for over a century in New York and can help you with any of your plumbing repairs and replacements.

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