Make Your Home Your Haven with Clean, Healthy Air


The quality of your air is one of the most important things to consider in your home. It might not be something you think about often, but the type of air you’re breathing can have many effects on you and your family, and most are negative. Considering most people spend the vast majority of their time inside their homes, the quality of your air is of the utmost importance. Poor air quality has been known to contribute to health problems such as asthma, dry eyes, nausea, fatigue, and nasal congestion.

From natural pollutants to the pollutants you drag in from outside, your family’s home might not have the best air quality; which puts your health at risk. For the sake of your health and the health of your family, you should know how to clean and purify your air at home. These tips will help you clean the air at home.

Clean Your Ducts

Professionals recommend having a scheduled duct cleaning at least twice a year as the seasons change. When your ducts are cleaned of dust, debris, and pollutants, the airflow into your home is cleaner and purer. The longer your ducts go without proper cleaning, the worse the air quality in your home becomes. Call the HVAC professionals at Auchinachie to schedule the first of your twice-yearly duct cleanings.

Track in Less Dirt and Pollutants

It’s not easy to prevent dirt, dust, and other pollutants from entering your home, but you can reduce what you drag in each time you open the door. A large mat placed outside your doors can help to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the feet of anyone who visits. The contaminants on the bottom of your shoes get into the carpeting, on the floor, and eventually into the air in your home. If you want to take it a step further, consider creating a rule requiring guests to remove their shoes before entering your home.

Eliminate Fragrance

Most homeowners use air fresheners to keep their homes smelling lovely. However, these air fresheners contain chemicals that have a negative effect on the respiratory system. Instead of using them to create a fresh smell at home, open the windows and let in the fresh air.

Appliance Tests

Call in an appliance professional to run some tests on your older appliances. These appliances were created before newer technology was available, which means they might actually emit dangerous pollutants into the air in your home, including asbestos. A professional test the level of pollutants being released into the air by your appliances and discuss ways in which you can either eliminate or minimize this pollution.

Check for Ventilation Issues

Most people just open the windows when the house begins to feel stuffy. However, if your older ventilation system is improperly designed, it could be the cause of your home’s stuffy feeling. This poor ventilation does not do an adequate job of cleaning the air in your home, which can cause health issues and poor air quality. A professional can check your ventilation and discuss ways in which it can be improved.

Remove Humidity

Humidity is not something people enjoy inside or outside. Because it consists of so much moisture in the air, humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow rapidly in your home. These both contaminate the air in your home, causing health issues and poor air quality. However, too little humidity is also bad for the air. A professional can help you come up with a plan to keep your home properly de-humidified.

Finally, regular maintenance and replacement of air filters are both necessary to improve the quality of air in your home. If you’re not already on top of both, it’s time to make a call and remedy this situation. The health of everyone in your home relies on your air quality.

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